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Welcome to MCHUGHSON
Unleash the Power of Your Data
Optimized Business Technology.

MCHUGHSON is a software technology firm specializing in Business Transparency to strengthen the vitality of your company through Optimized Technology tailor-made for you. We walk in your shoes to thoroughly understand all aspects of your business to provide innovative solutions.

We find that many organizations are sitting on vast amounts of untapped data. Data is a natural resource to be managed, processed, visualized, mined and analyzed. Properly utilized data can provide the greatest insight into an organization that will enhance decision making capabilities. Our role is to connect the dots and provide discovered value. Together, we are an Innovative and Successful Team!

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MCHUGHSON is passionate about helping you utilize your data in visual and meaningful ways.

We partner with you to provide ideal solutions to ascend your organization like never before!

Explore the full potential of your data in outstanding ways today, not tomorrow.

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Consulting: Peak Performance

Consulting: Peak Performance

We have proven experience helping partner's bridge the gap between business and technology. We believe that technology should always conform to your organization's business processes and not the other way around. By using this methodology, we have been able save our partner's capital and resources to solve future challenges.

According to Gartner, more than 50% of software implementations fail due to lack of end-user adoption, resulting in unrealized benefits and marginalized return on investment (ROI). Project Management and Organizational Change management (OCM) accelerates end-user adoption by preparing end-users on how to use new software in advance of go-live. OCM also enables sustainable end-user adoption after new software has become available for use.

Our subject matter experts provide a variety of tools and services such as Technical Advisory, Project Management, Change Impact Analysis, Communications, Training, and more, to accelerate adoption of your new and upcoming software.

Technical Advisory | Business Architecture | Project Management | Organizational Change Management

Big Data

Big Data + You: Data Management and Analytics

Data Analytics provide the gateway to help evolve a company into a data-driven organization; where data is properly managed and analyzed. An organization where data is valued as a natural resource. An organization where guesswork is made obsolete and replaced by empirical evidence provided by your data. An organization which is agile and based on information produced from data which can help an organization pivot and change directions that will be more optimized for that organization. These benefits exist in a data driven organization. We help you to take the guesswork out of decision making and give you information based on your data to help you go to the next level.

Data Modeling and Analytics | Data Management | Proof of Concepts (POC's)

Data Visualization

Data Visualization: 20/20 Vision

A picture is worth a 1000 words! John W. Tukey (Pioneer of Exploratory Data Analysis) once said, "The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see."

Our experts, utilize the latest data visualization technologies to help you visualize your information with holistic clarity to make complex business decisions easier.

Click Here: See an example of the Power of Data Visualization

Data Visualization | Executive Dashboards


OpLabs Development Studio

  • Custom Web Applications
  • System Integration
  • Proof of Concepts (POC's)
  • Data Modeling and Analytics
  • Solution Architecture

[Nat Gas, Crude, Electricity]

  • Market Data
  • ETRM Administration
  • ETRM Integration
  • ETRM Functional and Technical Advisory
  • Custom Software Development

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Functional and Technical Advisory
  • Financials
  • Trade and Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Customizatons and Extensions

Technologies Utilized

Coding Languages: C Sharp (C#), MVC (Model-View-Controller), Javascript, Python, X++

Big Data: Hadoop, Apache Spark, Yarn, HBase, Impala

Database: RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Data Visualization: Tableau, Spotfire, D3 (D3.js)

Begin Your Journey

At MCHUGHSON, we first Listen and Carefully gain understanding of your needs! We use an Agile Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), to put a working prototype in your hands quickly to experience. This process is highly Effective and provides a great framework to streamline business processes and work together as a Team!

  • Evaluate
  • RAD Cycle
  • Test
  • Launch
  • Manage
  • Update
  • Phase 1: Evaluate – We perform an assessment of your key business processes. A proposal for services is provided at this stage at no-cost.
  • Phase 4: Launch – We fully integrate your customized solution.
  • Phase 2: RAD Cycle – After acceptance of proposal, we design and build a working prototype solution, typically provided within weeks after the start of your project.
  • Phase 5: Manage – Assist if needed, with our 100% user friendly solution.
  • Phase 3: Test – Test, troubleshoot, and revise, if needed.
  • Phase 6: Update – Update solutions as business needs change.

Latest News about MCHUGHSON

MCHUGHSON is a technology firm specializing in Business Transparency through Consulting, Big Data, Data Visualization and Custom Development. MCHUGHSON is based in Houston, Texas.

At a time when market competition is fierce and never relents, MCHUGHSON is committed to saving our clients time and expense. We create custom solutions that streamline your business processes and increase the value of your brand and adds savings and revenue to your bottom–line.

Data Management and Analytics

MCHUGHSON becomes a Cloudera Partner. Cloudera has the largest ecosystem for the modern data platform and analytics built on Apache Hadoop.

Posted on February 27, 2016
Energy Trading Risk Management

MCHUGHSON successfully implements multiple Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) systems for operation companies and trading firms utilizing Allegro Development.

Posted on February 26, 2016
Healthcare Technology

Partnering with the top Physicians and Practitioners in the country, MCHUGHSON has embarked in the creation of a multiple user-centric health technologies.

Posted on February 25, 2016

Our History

  • 2012 The Journey Begins

    MCHUGHSON is born in Houston, Texas where big industry converge; Energy, Healthcare, Aerospace and Finance. From day 1, our goal was to Listen Carefully to the marketplace and our alliance partners to provide exceptional products and services; being a firm that was not only skilled in software development but had an abundance of hands-on operational experience to optimize business operations and processes through technology in a fruitful way and we have!

  • 2013 Let the Fun Continue!

    We have continued to grow organically. In addition, we officially launched the first iteration of our website. During this year, we created the following practices to better serve our clients; Energy Trading Solutions (ETRM Technology) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Solutions) and Emerging Technology (Research & Development).

  • 2014 One Year Later

    We saw multiple industries with so much data at their fingertips without the proper tools to access, manage and visualize their data to make challenging decisions with clarity. We began our Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Intelligence practice; utilizing the most robust technologies. While serving clients in the Energy Trading Sector, we created InterFIX Connect which is a trade capturing tool to automate trade capture and eliminate manual trade processing and cost; certified by CME Group and ICE. Our product portfolio is continual growing.

  • 2015 Knowledge is Power!

    Excited to create, implement and learn new technologies and solutions, we have helped several partners save capital while improving business insights to increase revenue. During this year, we provided solutions for Trading Firms, Hedge Funds and the Aerospace industry. In addition, MCHUGHSON received a Celebrated Entrepreneurs Award at "Celebration of Entrepreneurs 2015 – Houston, TX" and various awards for community involvement.

  • 2016 Going Big

    Big Data is the Future and the Future is Now! MCHUGHSON becomes a Cloudera Partner which has the largest ecosystem for the modern data platform and analytics built on Apache Hadoop. We have simplified our offerings; providing Business Transparency through Consulting, Big Data and Data Visualization.
    The Sky is the Limit!

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The future is now! Apache Spark is now! #apachespark #BigData

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Our Partners

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Intercontinental Exchange
  • Chicago Merchant Exchange
  • Cloudera
  • AWS
  • SAP
  • Oracle